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Women’s Shed Movement WA Inc. is a not for profit community organisation established in February 2020 in response to the call from women throughout the state of Western Australia to establish the first Women’s Shed.    We have a following of over 3,000 Friends of the Women’s Shed Movement, Western Australian women and girls who experience disadvantage inequity of access to a women’s shed in our urban & regional communities. We are a community driven, grass roots organisation committed to advocating for WA women and girls to access gender equity services and facilities.  WSMWA is currently seeking funding and sponsorship opportunities from local and state government, NGO’s community groups and commercial sector.

What We

Women’s Shed Movement WA advocates for West Australian women and girls to overcome disadvantage by lobbying federal, state and local government organisations to facilitate the establishment of Western Australia’s first Women’s Shed.

We are building capacity for future urban, regional, rural and remote communities in Western Australia to develop and implement a working template/ model for the establishment of a Women’s Shed in these regions.

Why We Exist 

We Exist to Build  a Gender Equitable Country 

Our unique contribution to this vision as women, mothers & daughters is to work together to advocate for and promote education to the community that women have the right to occupy space in said community.   This space is a dedicated purpose build women’s workshop space for women to learn power tool skills and use workshop machinery to pursue their personal, collaborative or community creative projects.


We Do

Our Work

We Work Within a Feminist Framework which means :

Alongside women to advocate for ‘power with’ or ‘power for’ members, rather than being complicit in a landscape that maintains power over women who ‘should settle’ for limited access and associate membership, with no voting rights of Men’s Sheds in Western Australia.

In a way that is women focused to address equity of access to a Women’s shed


As part of a movement for social change to challenge the social, political, economic 
structures that disadvantage women’s access to community funds and adopt a leadership role to engage and influence external stakeholders through education on evolving social norms.

Our Impact

Our strategy sets out the impact we aim to have through our collaboration with Western Australian women and girls. It also explains how we collaborate, how we make decisions about our community engagement and how we continue to develop our organisational model in order to be as effective as possible. 

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