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The Women’s Shed Movement WA Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation established in February 2020.  In response to the call from women throughout the state of Western Australia we have committed to establishing the state’s first Women’s Shed.    We currently have a following of over 3,000 Friends of the Women’s Shed Movement, women of all life stages and girls aged from 12 who seek equity of access to a dedicated workshop space in their community to develop manual and power tool skills. 

The Women’s Shed Movement WA is a community grass roots organisation underpinned by the principles of diversity of intergenerational membership with professional and community mentorship to facilitate access to power tool resources and skills.  The goal of a women’s shed is to reduce isolation, to advocate for independence and to amplify socially embedded intergenerational collaboration, mentorship and connection while developing skills and community.


A women’s shed will present manual and power tool workshops for women and girls from all backgrounds to gain confidence and independence through practical manual and building skills. A dedicated women’s shed has the capacity to promote capable and strong female role modelling to encourage girls to pursue STEM subjects at school.  A women’s community shed is a unique and practical introduction to raise awareness of diverse career options including mining, construction, technology, science innovation, engineering and mathematics, to promote apprenticeships in the trades and provide agency to girl’s abilities and potential future career path.


​Our unique contribution as a peak body to deliver women’s sheds, promotes a vision of women working together, advocating for women and educating West Australians that women have the right to occupy a safe inclusive space in their community.  We are committed to bringing about cultural change in the form of a dedicated purpose build women’s workshop space in all communities in WA.  Women and girls deserve the opportunity to learn power tool skills and workshop machinery so they may pursue their personal, collaborative or community creative projects.  

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